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Pop into our book & gift shop on 2nd floor, Maison Suleman, Francis Rachel St!

Frequently Asked Questions


Where is your shop located?

We are on 2nd floor of Suleman House, Francis Rachel Street in Victoria.


Do you offer delivery service?

A pleasure to confirm that we do.  We deliver across the Mahe Island & ship to other islands.

Do you deliver to other islands?

We currently ship Praslin & La Digue Island.  If you are on other islands such as Fregate | Desroches | Silhouette| North Island| Felicite do not hesitate to call us on 2645195, let’s chat and see how we can assist you. It will be a pleasure.

What are the shipping fees to other islands?

For Praslin/La Digue we ship via Cat Cocos. Shipping cost is determined at “check-out” as this is weight dependent.

If I am on Praslin & La Digue, what is the delivery option?

We organise the delivery on Mahe to Cat Cocos Office & oganise your shipping via Cat Cocos to either Praslin or La Digue.

Our team will SMS you the ticket no.  All you have to do is collect from the respective Cat Cocos office on your side.

What are your delivery rates?

Shipping cost is determined at “check-out” as this is will vary per drop off destination.

Good news for Praslin/ La Digue clients , we have included a discounted rate for delivery of your goodies to Cat Cocos to help reduce the total cost of your delivery & shipping. The rate is determined at check out.


How will I know that my order is ready for collection?

Our team, will contact you via SMS / Whatsapp to confirm details.

What info do I need to provide when collecting my order at the shop?

You will need to provide us with:

  • the confirmation order no
  • your National ID Card

What if a 3rd party is collecting the order on my behalf?

The person needs to provide us with:

  • the confirmation order no
  • your full name
  • their National ID Card

Payment options

What is the mode of payment for delivery on Mahe?

We accept both bank transfer (prior to delivery) to our account or cash (upon delivery)

  1. With the covid-19 situation, let’s protect each other. We strongly recommend bank transfer payment.
What are the payment options at the shop?

We accept cash | debit or credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard or American Express).     

What is the mode of payment for shipping to all other islands?

For this option, we accept only bank transfer within 48 hours of order.

Can I pay cash upon collection of my order at the shop?

Our payment term for this option is only bank transfer prior to delivery.

Pre-payment is required within 48 hours of order to secure the order.


How can I shop from your website?

Check out the guide Here

Physical Shop

What are the opening days | hours for the shop?

Monday to Friday: 0930 to 1730 

Saturday:  0930 to 1330

Staying updated with Grace Upon Grace

How can I get information about your updates (new arrivals | restocking| promos)?

You are welcome to follow us on Facebook & Instagram 

You can subscribe to our mailing. Alternatively, send your whatsapp no & full name  to  our whatsapp no: 2645195. For whatsapp, we will add your contact for our list.

Return Policy

Do you have a return policy?

All details are found here