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Taming Your To-Do List (Paperback) BY GLYNNIS WHITWER


No matter how much we accomplish in a day, we nearly always feel a little guilt over what we didn’t do. Taming Your To-Do List exposes a seismic shift in society: from one in which most of us were proactive to one in which we carry the burden of having to respond–to every email, text, tweet, and message we receive. This creates a cycle where everyone else sets the priorities for our days rather than us directing our own lives. The result? We procrastinate, putting off the important stuff for later while we tend to the “urgent” stuff right now. It’s time to take back your schedule! Ready to tame your to-do list? This book shows you how.

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Language: English
Publisher: Revell
Author: Glynnis Whitwer
Format: Paperback
Audience: General
Width: 109
Depth: 8
Length: 178
Pages: 208

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