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How Did I Get Here?: Finding Your Way Back To God When Everything Is Pulling You Away (Paperback) BY CHRISTINE CAINE1


We’ve all at some point looked up from the daily grind and realized we had somehow drifted off course. Maybe we’ve been doing all the right Christian things and saying all the right Christian words, but inside we know something is just a bit off. Like we’ve run out of energy, vision, passion, and feel unable to move forward. The question we’re pondering is not only How did I get here? but also What do I do now?

In this new book, Caine meets us all in that place of weariness and uncertainty, sharing her own journey of discovery with vulnerability, candor, and self-deprecating humor.

She lays out what she has learned about staying the course when you’re feeling untethered and guides us each to:
• Learn the questions to ask about our relationships with God, with others, and with our own hearts to stay continually anchored despite the world’s shifting currents
• Discover how to trust God more deeply by moving from a “what if?” kind of faith to an “even if” kind of faith
• Identify nine signs we are drifting off course and learn how to reposition ourselves to get back on track
• Wrestle honestly with life’s hard questions so we can respond faithfully to all the ways God answers, including the times when it feels like he doesn’t.

Christine offers up deeply personal stories, scriptural insights, and an eye-opening admonition to start paying closer attention, helping us to stop drifting and start thriving as we place our anchor on our unchanging, trustworthy God.

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Language: English
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: Christine Caine
Format: ITPE
Audience: General
Width: 119
Depth: 13
Length: 183
Pages: 256

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