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Cleaning Up Your Mental Mess: 5 Simple Steps To Reduce Anxiety, Stress, Toxic Thinking (Paperback) BY CAROLINE LEAF


We shouldn’t settle into this mental mess as if it’s just our new normal. There’s hope and help available to us and the road to healthier thoughts and peak happiness may actually be shorter than you think.

Backed by clinical research and illustrated with compelling case studies, Dr. Caroline Leaf provides a scientifically proven five-step plan to find and eliminate the root of anxiety, depression, and intrusive thoughts in your life so you can experience dramatically improved mental and physical health. In just 21 days, you can start to clean up your mental mess and be on the road to wholeness, peace, and happiness.

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Language: English
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Author: Caroline Leaf
Format: ITPE
Audience: General
Pages: 320

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